As pet owners and professional healthcare distributors, we understand our clients and their unique needs...About Us -
was created by our parent company Careforde Inc to solely focus on animal health supplies and equipment. Careforde Inc offers over 1,000,000 healthcare and scientific products providing with an economy of scale to provide the veterinary professional & student low cost, high-quality products.

At we feel that it is not only our goal, but our responsibility to bring you:

Access to tens of thousands of animal health supplies and equipment.
Find the product that best meets your needs.
Lower units of measure.
Why buy a case when you only need a box?
Better pricing and no minimum orders.
It's time "Main Street" receives the same cost benefits as "Wall Street."
And as always, we offer free shipping* on purchases over $100! We look forward to bringing you products that add value and save your practice money. Please contact us with any questions, we are here to help (800) 830-4050 or

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